Link Hub ( Not Books! )

For quite a long time, all the index page of AWN lead to was a simple page with this list of other places to find me. It was essentially my online business card, or a link hub. Even though the main purpose of the site has now shifted, I still want it to serve its previous purpose. Thus, this page. :)

Deviant Art — Artwork (rating restricted)
Archive of Our Own — Fanfiction Writing
FanFiction.NetReviews More Fanfiction Writing (terrible formatting, rating restricted)
Dreamwidth — Public Journal (not used as much these days)
Tumblr — Misc (absolute randomness, and where I am most active)

I can be contacted through most of these sites, but if email is desired, you can contact me at aroihkin(at)arowrites(dot)net, although it is very important that you use a subject that makes it clear that you aren’t spam. “AroWrites.Net – I’m not spam!” usually works.